Having previously spent some time in Geneva, we were quite aware of how tough it is to navigate the rental market. We knew that we didn’t want to take a long time to find an apartment in Geneva, so we contacted Samantha before leaving home to help us. Samantha had already set up around 10 viewings for us the two days after we arrived in Geneva, as well as organizing temporary accommodation.

Samantha was very professional at all times and did all the hard work with the Regies for us, which was great given our extremely limited French. I was so happy that we found an apartment within a month of arriving in Geneva. Samantha was also there to help translate all the documents and do the entry inspection.

Beyond the help finding an apartment, Samantha has continued to help us deal with unexpected problems, well beyond our expectations.

Samantha made our transition to Geneva as smooth as possible and significantly reduced our stress with our move from across the world. We cannot thank Samantha enough and I highly recommend her services for anyone moving to Geneva.

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Bryan Schaaf

My wife and I moved to Geneva with an unusually compressed timeline because we wanted to arrive before she gave birth, we have pets, a child, and it was during the holiday season.  All this made it a very complicated move – but Samantha helped us find a great apartment and an ideal neighborhood which was a huge relief.  If you are not familiar with Switzerland, don’t even think of doing this independently.  You need a good agent – and Samantha is a very good person to have on your side to help with finding an apartment, a school, setting up a bank account, and everything else you will need to establish yourself here.  Based on our experiences, we would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking an agent.  Feel free to contact me for more details.