Our Process

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Our Process

1. Client Request

Preliminary call with narrowing down of search criteria and terms.

2. Signing of Contract

Once the terms have been agreed upon, both parties sign the relocation service contract.

3. Searches & Proposal

The agency performs the search for you, through internal and external networking.

4. Viewings

Viewings can be performed with or without an agent, or by the agent instead of the client, depending on needs and budget.

5. Application

Once one or several properties have been selected by the client, the agency applies and pushes the application.

6. Lease Signing

An agent will explain, translate and/or be present at the signing of the lease, giving you full disclosure on what is needed and how to achieve this step successfully.

7. Entrance Inspection & Follow-up

An agent will be there for you, to represent you and defend your rights during the entrance inspection visit. Your utilities and insurance needs will be fully taken care of as well.

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