Anastasia Goglova & Pavel Goglov

I would like to say huge thank you to Samantha Solida and her team to helping us with search and moving from the flat to the house. Samantha found perfect place for us, found a new tenant for the old flat in 2 months (given the fact, that sanitary situation, COVID pandemic is not the normal circumstances for this type of activity). She helped us with all technical, legal and other issues during all period.

Her service is impeccable, she is always available and responded to all our questions.

I will strongly recommend Samantha to everyone!

Thank you a lot!

Rostyslav & Olena Kuzyakiv, Geneva, Switzerland.

After having searched for an apartment for some years, we came into the realization how tough this beautiful city is in terms of finding a new, good place to live.
Through her patience, dedication and hard work, Samantha was able to find such place for us.
She was also very helpful with all administrative procedures making our relocation less stressful.
We will highly recommend SRS-RELOCATION as a reliable partner in your search for a NEW HOME.